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10 Hilarious Ways to ask a date to Prom

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

There are some really creative and funny ways to get  that special someone to go to prom with you.  Here’s a few great examples.

1. A fun music video with full (fuzzed out) monty.  I’m not a huge fan of the song, but these guys make it fun.  The fun amateur camera stuff works too.  Finally, you must watch to the end to see what makes this an instant classic.

2. Do what we do

Ever thought of starting a blog? Well start a blog on how you have decided to ask you crush to the problem and come up with a few lists.  10 Reason (BLANK) should go to prom with me.  Oh, it’s a thousand times better if you can find away to make it funny and fun.

3. This kid wanted a prom date with a “celebrity,” so he made a series of videos and eventually got his wish.

4. The buddy system always works where friends help you out with the singing like this video:

But what if the girl ends up liking one of your friends more than you and would rather go to the prom with him? ouch:(

5. A good, decent, funny idea always works:

6. This isn’t exactly a hilarious way to ask someone to prom, but it is a collection of great examples of what NOT to do.

7.    The imagination of the young people today is awesome.  This kids put together a hilarious compilation of things not to do…and a funny way to ask his date out.

8.    I just had to add this one, it’s related to the one above, and is just a a blooper reel of this guy’s production.  For some reason I die laughing at bloopers, enjoy.

9.    Ok, this is more cute than hilarious, but the usage of friends and a large crowd puts some serious pressure on the one being proposed to.  Or it could be a major flop and publice embarrassment ensues.

10.  Anytime a group of boys will dance in synchronicity sans shirt its worth taking a look at.  These guys did a pretty good job of it too.

This ended up being a fun little project in finding what I thought were inventive and funny ways to ask a prom date out.  Watch them all, and if you are looking for ideas there are great ones in all of these videos.  But, I have to say I still think starting a blog is the winner, maybe I’m just partial.