Online Dating Guide

Whether you are new to online dating, or have been around a while, figuring out what you want and how to find it can be difficult at times.  At, we’ve compiled a list of how to be successful at online dating and how you should go about creating a profile and meeting people.  We’ve made it easy for you to find the person you want to spend time with.

Online Dating Profile Tips – How your Profile should look, read, and what kind of information you should have in it.

The Do’s & Dont’s of Online Gay Dating – This article teaches you what you should and shouldn’t have on any online dating profile.

Gay Dating Site Reviews – If you’re looking for a review of any specific online gay dating site, it is listed here.

Online Dating Profile Pictures Advice – Figure out what to put and what not to put for pictures in your online dating profile.

How Does Online Dating Work? – Learn how the process of online dating starts and figure out where to start!

How to Play the Field & Win in Online Dating – Figure out what it takes to be successful at dating more than one person at once!

Online Dating Statistics – Find out dating demographics, locations, and what people are using online dating sites!

Online Dating Rules – A summary and what is accepted, allowed, and respected online in the dating universe.

Online Dating Questions – Some good conversation topics if you don’t know what to ask a potential date

Online Dating Vs. Real Dating – A very good compare/contrast article comparing online dating to those people meeting outside of their computer.

Best Dating Sites for Different Relationships – If you know what you’re looking for, but don’t know if the site offers it, this list narrows things down.

Dating Profile Headlines Examples – Find some help if you’re stuck on what you want your profile headline to be. Examples and advice on what and what not to write!

Online Dating Technology – Find out what’s new in the online dating world and what kind of technology drives this new dating medium

Best Gay Dating Sites – Just a quick overview of some of the best websites available in the online gay dating space.

AskMen.Com Guide –’s guide to online dating and sex specifically tailored to men. Dating Guide – A very helpful dating guide from a professional who knows the niche as much as we do!

Dating Tips – More helpful dating tips from the team at

Online Dating Service – The wikipedia entry has tons of useful information regarding all the platforms available in online dating.

First Date Do’s & Donts – A Handy Guide if you’re unsure of what to do on a first date.

How To Keep Yourself Safe – If you’re meeting someone for the first time, follow this guideline so you know you’ll be protected.

Best Time of Year to Join a Dating Site – Find out which season or month is the best time to meet people online!

Long Distance Relationships, Making Your Online Relationship Real –  Find assistance in making sure your long distance relationship lasts

How To Win Over Your Date’s Friends – Learn how to become friends with the person you want to be with!

Bad Breakups: How Online Dating Can Put the Bustle Back in your Hustle – Getting over a bad breakup can be hard. Online dating can help you get over it.

How to Win Over Your Date’s Parents: Keys to Succeeding in Pleasing Parents – If you’re worried about getting to know your date’s parents, these tips should help you make a good impression.

How to Chat with Someone Online without Losing Your Dignity, and Other Tales of Online Dating – Figure out the best way to talk someone up online!

How to Deal with Someone that Doesn’t Respond Online – The person you like isn’t responding? Find someone new!

Tips for Dating Someone Older or Younger than You – If you’re looking to find someone outside your date range, here are some ideas on how to keep the relationship going.

Ten Tips for Going Green on Your Date – Learn some fun date ideas that are good for the environment!

Places Gay Couples Should Go on a First Date – While there are no limitations, here are some more ideas for the gay community!