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Founded in 1998, was completely revamped as a free dating site in 2008.  This has allowed the site to grow quickly and easily with no cost sign ups and large member retention. Metro date offers a ton of the same features that the higher cost sites run, but since it’s completely free, there are no risks in paying a large price.

While it’s still not as large as other dating sites, metro date still is worth trying out, especially since you’ll never have to pay a dime.

Positive Features

  • Video Messaging and Video Calls – With a number of high quality video based features, anyone with a webcam can chat with members of metro date. No matter your location, you can chat up sexy singles from anywhere in the country.
  • Completely Free – Not many sites offer complete no-cost dating options.  Metrodate now offers this with no length of commitment. So if you find someone and want to quit the site, it’s a no obligation removal.

Negative Features

  • Lack of quality members – While it is free, there will be a number of inactive members just checking it out one time and never returning. While it does have good active members, the number is larger than most
  • Customer Service – Multiple members have had issues removing all of their personal information form metrodate after they have quit the site.  With poor customer service, members will be less likely to stick around. Cost & Other Facts

  • Founded – 1998
  • Subscription Plan
  • # of Members – 150,000
  • Category – Gay Men Dating Site, Lesbian Dating Site Summary

While it is a free dating site, the lack of active members makes this site somewhat unappealing to new members.  If you’re serious about online dating, make sure you find a dating site that appeals to your interests.  Check our review for a better option.

3/5 stars

three stars