Best Gay Dating Sites for Different Relationships

Everyone always wants to know “which relationship site is the best” , which is the best site for long term relationships, best for one night stands, best for alternative lifestyles, best for gay men, best for lesbians, or the best just to find a friend.  The short and sweet answer is always: whichever feels the best for you.  But that probably doesn’t help much considering that if you type in “dating site” you probably get a million hits.  The Internet has made it incredibly easy to find information.  But as more and more ad placement sites crop up, harder to find the right information.  It can be frustrating to sort through web page after web page and still not find what you’re looking for.  Hopefully, this article will help a little and serve a purpose as a pocket guide to gay, lesbian, and bisexual dating on the Internet.

When it comes to finding the best dating sites for gays and lesbians looking for long-term relationships, oddly enough what you may consider as “heterosexual” powerhouse sites like Match dot com and PerfectMatch are really among the best sites for gay and lesbians, as well.  For one, neither had to be dragged into court in order to promote equality like other sites not-to-be-named, and secondly, they have all the right tools for finding, corresponding with, and safely connecting with gays and lesbians on the Internet.  You can create multiple profiles, upload pics and videos privately and securely, correspond real time or through the private messaging system, and best of all…you have the security of knowing that the person on the other end of the Web is a real person interested in meeting someone.  Maybe they will connect with you, maybe they won’t, but at least you know that you are writing someone who is there of their own free will and not paid to reply and respond to ads.  These aren’t some gay-for-pay scam like a lot of those fly-by-night free sites that cater to the sex industry.  When you sign up for a site like PerfectMatch or Match dot com you are signing up for a site that hosts hundreds of thousands of people just like you, looking for a long-term relationship.  Their reputation also enables you to tell your mom without embarrassment: “Oh, I signed up on Match dot com and met a really nice _________.”  You can’t do that with Craigslist!

Those looking for alternative lifestyle or the one-night-stand scene can usually find what they are looking for SAFELY with a well-known site like Adultfriendfinder.  Like a lot of dating sites out there, it had its period of rough patches with people using the site for means other than a legitimate hookup, but it has worked through that with better screening and verification of its users.  It has a wide range of programs for those who are just looking (free) to those that understand what they want in an adult site (platinum with live web benefits).  Another up and coming adult and alternative site is, again, it has a scale of benefits based on the subscription you carry, but there is no doubt that this site has a lot of activity from its users and can provide exactly what you are looking for in an alternative lifestyle site.  Whether you’re a dominant, a submissive, or (gasp) go both ways, this site is the place for you!

Now, if you’re looking to find a friend…that is when a free site like Craigslist comes in handy.  It is not the type of site that spells “safety” in a potential sexual or romantic interlude, but you can find someone who just wants to get a cup of coffee sometime.

Not to knock the free sites like Craigslist.  After all, they’re free and do a great service for communities all across the globe.  It is the perfect site to go to if you need to sell a couch or buy someone’s used golf clubs.  It isn’t a site we could recommend for meeting your perfect match, nor could it be recommended for one night stands as no one’s identity can be verified or traced easily should the worst come to pass.  Stick with the old standbys and you usually can’t go wrong.  Dating isn’t easy in the conventional methods, so it won’t be easy on the Internet, either, but it can be easier if you choose the right websites to go to.  Outpersonals has been a long-time website catering to the “personals” of gay male men, PinkCupid gets a lot of good reviews among lesbians, but when you search the web the same standards keep cropping up, Match dot com, Adultfriendfinder, and Perfectmatch.

Hopefully this quick list helps weed out the potentials and save you time writing fifty different profiles.