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Top 20 Gay Blogger Influential Personalities

This is a list of what I think is the top 20 Bloggers relevant to the gay community. I would like your input, so please do let me know what you think about my list.

1. – A good site on the gay community including daily updates, celebrity updates, political updates and general information relevant to a gay community.

2. – EDGE is the largest network of local Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) news and entertainment portals in the world, serving 500,000 dedicated readers from a variety of metropolitan areas around the United States and beyond.

3. – A good travel site catering to the gay community needs with lots of information on places to travel, stay, enjoy and have a great time while on the road.

4. – A writer for over 20 years and has written a lot on both fiction and non-fiction for the LGBT community.

5. – This site has consistently been ranked in top 10 gay blogs over the years. Lots of information to read through.

6. – Queers United is the blog uniting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, & Asexual communities in an effort of education and activism on issues of importance to sexual/gender minorities.

7. –  Downelink is a social networking community for the LGBTQ community.

8. – A personal blog that has been likened by many in the gay community.

9. – A good information resource for standing up against bullies.

10.  – Author simply called Vera, who has some funny stuff and some sexy stuff here.

11. – Not a dedicated gay site but has lots of funny content relevant to the gay community. I get good laughs from some of these videos.

12. – All the latest news stories about gay community delivered in a satirical manner. A touch of sensitivity is advised.

13. – Not a blog but a great tool to find the next gay guy nearest to you while you are on the go.

14. – A localized version of the gay event happening in your area. Get involved.

15. – Like the site says, it talks about the gay agenda and provides a good source of information.

16.  – Observations of a gay dad. Nice.

17. – Gay community stories and latest happenings

18. – A personal blog with very savvy opinions on different topics.

19. – NSFW, Reviews of sex toys, with humor. Find out what you’re missing as far as intimate devices.



10 Ways to Come Out to your Family and Friends

First of all, there is nothing more painful than not being who you are. And your family and friends love you for who you are. So its perfectly OK to be honest with them and let them know about the real you. Here are some tips that may help you.

1. Write a letter to all your close ones – family and friends – and let them know about your feelings and who you really are. There is nothing more powerful than your emotions and its an amazing human ability to share it with someone. Plus by putting it on paper, you will get more comfortable with the idea.

2. Randomly go through your contact list, and the first person you choose, pick up the phone, call them and tell them you are gay. That easy.

3. Go to a gay-friendly outing with your special someone and let others know about it.

4. If you have a facebook or twitter page, let you followers know about it.

5. Make a blog. Put down your emotions and tell it like it is.

6. Kiss someone.

7. Participate in local gay events like the PRIDE parade.

8. Introduce your special someone to your family and friends.

9. Have a party! there is nothing more joyous than to have a party and share with everyone how happy you are.

10. Go out for lunch or dinner with friends or family and let them know how you really feel.


Create a Better Dating Experience in Just Minutes: Nine Dating Tips

It’s usually the first 10 minutes into a date that one or both parties will make a determination as to whether a second date will eventuate, hence setting up the tone for the remainder of the date. But is this a wise frame of mind to in?

An Australian women’s magazine polled their readers which consisted of 2200 respondents, the published results indicated that 83% of first dates never make it past this initial stage. Relationships expert, Diane Bishop said, “Most people make the mistake of overlooking a potential love interest if there are no sparks or romantic signals within the very early stages of the date, even if your date is a nice person but offered no initial romantic attraction, sometimes it’s worth pursuing a second date to determine if a person could potentially develop into something more.”

With my job as a matchmaking advisor, people usually tend to waste golden opportunities rather than use these interactions as a learning curb, to find out more about other people and themselves. Any date or interaction you experience, on any level, should be considered part of your journey, not a waste of time.

1. Don’t be negative because of past experiences. Even though your last few dates might be described as non-eventful does not mean you should take this attitude into the next time you’re dating somebody new. “I really hope this guy likes me” instead of “here we go again, another bad date”, always keep an open mind, you’ll be in a far better head space to determine how you might feel about him. Give it your best chance to succeed, not your worst.

2. Try and come up with 3 simple things you like or admire about him rather than nit picking from the outset as most people tend to do. Even something simple like the way he dresses, the restaurant venue he chose or his level of eye contact: What do you like about him? 

3. Offer a compliment. You can play your part in settling the nerves of your date thus setting up a far more enjoyable evening. Watch and see how quickly he loosens up when you pay him a simple compliment, you’ll get to see what he’s really like much sooner, and besides, a compliment is a nice gesture.

4. Think of it as practice. Use the experiences as a way to improve your people person skills until Mr. I love you finally makes his appearance. Dating a wide variety of people only makes you a sounder judge of character.

5. Leave your agenda behind. If the guy your dating does not do it for you within the first 10 – 15 minutes of meeting, it’s time to go into second phase mode. There’s a wealth of possibilities that can crop up. By limiting your outlook, you could very well miss opportunities such as meeting a new network of friends, or even a business opportunity. Either way, there could be some other significant message you can take away from the experience. What have you got to lose, you’re already there so make the most of it.

6. Ask him questions: But be selective with the topics you discuss. Don’t start complaining about all the bad dates you’ve gone on, or how your ex won’t stop stalking you – nobody likes a drama queen. Pick up the phone conversation where you left off, “Tell me a bit more about the places you visited on your trip to Australia.”

7. Ignore the little voices in your head. The one’s that try to tell you that you’re not good enough for this guy, or this date is a total waste of time and energy. Please, keep reminding yourself that it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss, so hang in there and see what you can get out of the date.

8. It’s not about control. You’re there to find out about the person you’re dating, not yourself. Refrain from trying to read his mind or analyze his thoughts – just relax and go with the flow.

9. Be empathetic and kind. There’s every chance the person your with has the same levels of insecurities as yourself. Try and not get caught up with some assumption that you think you wouldn’t be able to live with, don’t pre-empt something too soon, give him a fighting chance to grow on you. And no matter how the date ends, make sure he feels good about himself, and not a total reject if sparks don’t fly, and in doing so, you’ll spread good karma too.

It’s part of human nature to long for a life time partner, someone you can share a deeper sense of understanding with, a sense of trust and love. So until this person comes into your life, offer the other people who come in and out of your life the utmost respect, this is the kind of attitude that pays off in the long run.

About the author: Matt Fuller is a matchmaking consultant and relationships author. Matt writes about topics relating to free online dating sites for single people as well as singles dating sites reviews.


Flip Mode: Advantages of Being Cheated On

Being cheated on is not a winning game. It means you’ve been intentionally misled, deceived, or otherwise tricked so that somebody else could take advantage of a situation involving you. Politicians cheat each other and their constituents as part of their jobs; most of us cheat on the way to work in traffic or in a wily business call aimed to benefit shareholders. It’s downright unfair, and so is the world at large. But sometimes a blunt shove in a new direction is what we need to get some peace of mind. Without asserting that being cheated on feels great, this article aims to demonstrate that there are advantages to having been cheated on–namely, enlightened perspectives, a stronger sense of yourself, and a transformed understanding of relationship fundamentals.

The first requirement for pulling yourself out from under the wrong side of the affair is to get your self-worth, dignity, and pride back, because each gets rightly shot down upon realization of a lover’s illicit affair. (This step also applies to getting over a hefty parking ticket, but you’ve got to start somewhere.) And before going too far down the rabbit hole of haughtiness, consider this: it’s easier to overcome being cheated if you take yourself out of the equation. This act is not only rejuvenating and liberating, but also a great step toward compassion and empathy. Recently, readers commented on Mark Oppenheimer’s “Infidelitorial” in the NY Times, offering fresh takes on marriage and infidelity. Richard, from Weston, CT, believes that the reason people split after an affair “is rooted more in the bruised ego of the spouse who is uninvolved than any focus on the value of the relationship,” and that infidelity is symptomatic of a deeper problem in the relationship than the root of all evil. Johnny, a 29-year-old New Yorker, points out that plenty of socialites boast their successes to eager ingénues thusly: “Years back the book ‘Open Marriage‘ came out telling us to share our spouse with others for a better marriage. Ten years later the same husband and wife authors espoused ‘The New Fidelity’ of staying true to one’s spouse.” The driving point is that the further inside our psyches we step, the less we can properly advance based on someone else’s experiences or suggestions.

Stephanie Coontz also contributes to the Times–her book, “Marriage, a History (From Obedience to Intimacy, or How Love Conquered Marriage)” spins a lengthy yarn around the history of marriage’s ring finger. From blindly arranged marriages to the contemporary Super Spouse–epitomized as the Sun and all the stars in the Heavens–perspective plays a dominating role in the interplay of relationships. The more one plunges into the annals of the institution, the easier it becomes to see that “when we rely on our partners for everything, any hint of betrayal is terrifying,” and Coontz thinks this is our national problem: we accord too much sanctity and authority to the monogamous relationship. Under such dogmatic circumstances, it’s borderline heretical to condone a partner’s engagement with the occasional floozie, let alone extensive affairs.

Back to what counts: our relationship with the one we’re with, and not the one they might have on the side. Oppenheimer himself reminds his readers that “our actions mark us as a compassionate people, that in truth we are always ready to forgive an adulterer, except the one we are married to.” Chicagoan Lowell D. Thompson delves deeper: “the real issue is not monogamy vs. polygamy, it’s integrity vs. hypocrisy…any time we make promises we don’t keep and then expect others to keep theirs there’s trouble ahead.” We’ve been cheated out of navigating ourselves through an inconceivably confusing world in lieu of superficially pleasant interactions and empty assurances. Being cheated on is a massive kick in the pants, but humans are masters at recovery. “The cultural expectation, Coontz reminds us, “should be if there’s infidelity, the marriage is more important than fidelity,” because when acceptance outgrows cynicism and egotism, society blossoms with integrity and foresight.

Lauren Allende is a Los Angeles based blogger/journalist, writing for Gleeden about all things relationships. Please contact Lauren at for coverage of topics relating to extramarital dating online


Top 20 Gay Twitter Influential Personalities

1. @ladygaga – The biggest pop star in the world has empowered millions through her music and outrageous stage acts.  She may or may not be gay herself, but she has more followers than almost anyone else on Twitter and the gay world loves her stance.

2.  @TheEllenShow – Ellen DeGeneres is one of the biggest gay names in a America, although her show is pretty mainstream and the sexuality of the host is not mentioned much, it is important to recognize how many followers she does indeed have.  Ellen purports to do all her tweeting and is original.

3. @PerezHilton – Perez Hilton is one of the biggest names in Hollywood celebrity rumor with some fact mixed in.  If you ever actually read articles off of his website, they are very funny and tongue in cheek.  Looking back at the last 100 tweets or so, it seems there are few or no news tweets, just mentions and the like.

4. @ricky_martin – After Ricky came out his twitter nation grew to huge numbers.  If you’re ready for a little bilingual, music loving fun this is your guy.

5. @stephenfry – This British actor and jack of all trades uses his influence on twitter to promote a multitude of charities as well as promoting not well known music acts.

6.@eddieizzard – A hilarious comedian and has a pinache for attracting attention in a humorous way. He has said many times he is not gay but does like to dress up both as a man and a woman. Thats his personal choice and we stay out of it…just keep the laughs coming.

7. @maddow – This American liberal political commentator, who has her own show on MSNBC might have the most political influence of anyone on this list.

8. @ActuallyNPH – The we all loved as Doogie is all grown up and more than successful on the stage, on TV and the big screen.  NPH confirmed his sexuality in 2006.

9. @samantharonson – Ronson is a musician who is mostly known for her relationship with the Lohan.

10. @SuzeOrmanShow – This personal finance guru told the NYT she was gay in 2007 and in 2010 Forbes named her to their most 100 influential women.

11. @adamlambert – Adam will always be connected to American Idol, but he’s moved on to bigger and better things and continues a successful recording career.

12. @chriscolfer – Chris’ larger than life character on Glee has empowered millions of LGBT and hetero kids across the U.S. Chris has been involved in theater since he was 14.

13. @BravoAndy – Andy Cohen is a TV personality on Bravo and is listed as a producer on a number of shows.

14. @RealMattLucas – Matt is an English comedian who broke out with his show Little Britain, which actually started as a radio show and moved onto the small screen.

15. @MarcJacobsIntl – The name Marc Jacobs means a lot in fashion circles.  He worked his way up to the top and now owns and runs multiple clothing lines.

16. @GeorgeMichael – This 80’s and 90’s pop icon still has much influence across the world in the community.

17. @NOH8Campaign – In protest to the passage of Cali’s prop 8, celebs and noncelebs alike protest with photos, blogs and events.

18. @Rosie – Rosie O’Donnell, need i say more?

19. @GeorgeTakei – Most widely known as Mr. Sulu from the original Star Trek series, Takei has been openly gay, at least to us trekkies, since the 70’s.

20. @janemarielynch – Jane’s Glee character is sad and hilarious all in one, but she has had great characters on American TV and film for quite some time.


Five Gay Dating Apps For Android

The dating process is always changing – before the Internet, meeting guys outside of the typical singles scene was tough. Now, we’ve moved beyond simple gay dating websites into ‘mobile apps’ for singles in the LGBT community. So, before you go and waste time playing some variation of “angry birds” on your smartphone, check out these gay dating apps available for Android phones (ranked in no particular order):

1. Grindr

Grindr is the leading app in the Android Marketplace for scoping out other gay men and socializing with them. What’s even better is that the app is location-based, meaning you have the option to only browse guys that are literally within minutes of where you’re at. You can go from launching the app straight to uploading a photo and meeting other guys. No account setup is required. There are more than 2 million guys using Grindr right now, so what are you waiting for?

2. Jack’d

While Jack’d is still in its beta, fetal stages, it remains to be one of the most used and dominant gay dating apps for Android out right now. With loads of features including a match finder, filtering of people, favorites lists, messaging, and more, it’s hard not to download this goodie for giving your love life a leg up in this race. The Jack’d interface sports a black, sleek and sexy theme that enhances the entire mood of the app. With an average app rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, it’s a must-download app for GLBT singles.

3. BoyAhoy Gay Chat

Whether you’re looking for a friend, a flirtatious encounter, or full blown love, BoyAhoy can bring all of these things to you within minutes of downloading the app. As soon as you download the app, you can begin messaging other guys, chatting, “checking out” other guys, creating a hotlist, earning points, and more. It’s well-reviewed in Android Market, so if the idea of chatting sounds like fun, this is another must-download app.

4. Scruff

“Scruffing” is the new term in the world of the Scruff app, where you have access to a global community of gay men. The app features all sorts of goodies such as chat, search, checking in, complete profile customization, and so much more. Using Android’s GPS technology, you can instantly get connected to all of the hottest guys in your area without having to ever leave the house. Just think, you can start scruffing and meet somebody on the network in your neighborhood today.

5. Gay Truth or Dare

In this fun twist on the traditional game of “Truth or Dare,” you get a completely revamped version that caters specifically to the LGBT community. If you’re looking for something fun to do with a friend or need a good game to play while drinking, this is the app for you. The app allows you to add in your own dares, take pictures of candid moments during the game and share them on Facebook, and there is even an option in each dare for “making it dirty,” which can make the dare even hotter. This is a great app for parties.

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10 Hilarious Ways to ask a date to Prom

There are some really creative and funny ways to get  that special someone to go to prom with you.  Here’s a few great examples.

1. A fun music video with full (fuzzed out) monty.  I’m not a huge fan of the song, but these guys make it fun.  The fun amateur camera stuff works too.  Finally, you must watch to the end to see what makes this an instant classic.

2. Do what we do

Ever thought of starting a blog? Well start a blog on how you have decided to ask you crush to the problem and come up with a few lists.  10 Reason (BLANK) should go to prom with me.  Oh, it’s a thousand times better if you can find away to make it funny and fun.

3. This kid wanted a prom date with a “celebrity,” so he made a series of videos and eventually got his wish.

4. The buddy system always works where friends help you out with the singing like this video:

But what if the girl ends up liking one of your friends more than you and would rather go to the prom with him? ouch:(

5. A good, decent, funny idea always works:

6. This isn’t exactly a hilarious way to ask someone to prom, but it is a collection of great examples of what NOT to do.

7.    The imagination of the young people today is awesome.  This kids put together a hilarious compilation of things not to do…and a funny way to ask his date out.

8.    I just had to add this one, it’s related to the one above, and is just a a blooper reel of this guy’s production.  For some reason I die laughing at bloopers, enjoy.

9.    Ok, this is more cute than hilarious, but the usage of friends and a large crowd puts some serious pressure on the one being proposed to.  Or it could be a major flop and publice embarrassment ensues.

10.  Anytime a group of boys will dance in synchronicity sans shirt its worth taking a look at.  These guys did a pretty good job of it too.

This ended up being a fun little project in finding what I thought were inventive and funny ways to ask a prom date out.  Watch them all, and if you are looking for ideas there are great ones in all of these videos.  But, I have to say I still think starting a blog is the winner, maybe I’m just partial.


10 Ways To Start Dating Your Friend

Okay so this is a classic. We all like the emotional stuff like being friends first and then romance or you just fell in love with each other and so on. And it isreally nice to be in love with someone with whom you can also share a friendship. right? But how do you go about getting there? Here are some tips which may help you on this journey. Be cautious.

1. Ground Rules.

First, make sure this is really what you want? And also place some ground rules that your friendship still continues even if the romance did not sparkle or can you do without having a good friend around? If this is clear as mud, bring up this topic in a off-the-cuff discussion and see what your friend says?

2. Coffee.

There is so much you can discuss over a simple coffee. Depending on your friendship, go out for coffee and see how it goes. If there is sparkle, you will know.

3. Dress Up.

If you are casual friends, you may not have seen each other dressed up. So dress up to impress and see what reaction you get.

4. Make Over.

If you have been thinking about getting a makeover, take your friend along for suggestions. In a funny way, see what transpires and what vibes you get. Does the friend suggest ‘funny looks’ or ‘looks to impress’ and that will tell the story.

5. Clothes Shopping.

Okay this is a no-brainer. You go shopping for clothes, obviously you have decent chemistry. See what each other suggests for the other person and see what chemistry develops. While at it, go after some accessories too and get an opinion on that as well. However, stay away from lingerie just yet:)

6. Straight Up
Just ask the other person out. Tell them you value your friendship but have developed some romantic feelings and would like to go out on a date – let the date be casual but give it an official name of a date. If you do not want to lose their friendship regardless of how the romance goes, be clear about it so you dont lose a good friend.

7. Be Different

If you are only ‘coffee’ friends or friends who go watch the latest movie together or bar friends, change the routine. Be different. Pick a different activity and see if the other person enjoys as much spending time with you.

8. Be in the Know.

Short of being an aggressive intruder, see what your friend is upto. What they like to do when you are not around, who they hang out with. It will give you an idea about their life and see if you can figure something out in common.

9. Get involved socially

Pick a social activity to do together. Like volunteering, or neighborhood cleanup, or something community oriented. See if there is mutual interest and/or sparkle.

10. Laugh it out Loud
Tell a funny story related to this topic and see how they react. Like what do you think about having two friends getting romantically involved? Have a discussion about it and see what happens.


How To Date a Co-worker

Forty percent of workers surveyed said at some time they did date a coworker.  That’s quite a bit, especially with the possible pitfalls of dating in the office.When dating someone from your workplace, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. Although it may sound really amazing to have someone you are interested in within your reach, this kind of relationship can also lead to complications that may affect not just your personal life but your career as well. Dating your boss or your co-worker could lead your job at risk once you do the wrong move.

Be Sure

Of all things in the work place to be sure of, it is the mutual attraction of your crush.  It might take a little patience and detective work to find out, put is definitely advisable to wait and make sure to keep you from being embarrassed.  If you hardly know them, then get to know them first and make sure you have a balanced life outside of the work place.  If your life is all about the work, there really may be no place for a romance or relationship in your life.  Here is a list of signs that they may be into you:

  • They find a way to hang with you when it isn’t necessary, say at breaks, lunch or simply go out of their way to tell you a joke or chat  with you.
  • They come to talk to you about something that is outside of your work purview.  This could be another sign that they are finding an excuse to talk to you.
  • They compliment you regularly, and on occasion, compliment someone else in your presence to gauge how you react to that.
  • The easiest one to see is just plain flirting, but be careful, some people flirt with everyone as just a way to prevent awkwardness.  So don’t go just off of this one piece of “evidence.”
  • Your coworker laughs or grins at what you know are bad jokes.

Job Consequences

Any office romance can lead to disaster, so it is very important for you to realize the pros and cons of dating a coworker.  Think about how you will be seen at work by others, all the way to the possible break up and how that would play out in the workplace.

  • Dating the boss might be fun, but how will your rep with your coworkers be affected?  Someone is bound to think you are the favored employee now and can foster some bad feelings.
  • A lot of companies do not allow employee fraternization and will transfer, demote or even fire you once they find out. Granted, sometimes that’s part of the thrill.



Just as dating in the real world, you have to find something outside of work that you both enjoy.  If your relationship stays completely based on your work interests you may end up competing with each other, so spend time getting to know each other and find some common ground to foster a true, possibly, long running relationship.

  • Talk to each other about small things OUTSIDE of work and eventually you will be sharing deep thoughts and beliefs.
  • Be funny.  It can be awkward at first when you finally get your crush outside the workplace.  Humor can be your little icebreaker until you’ve really gotten to know them.
  • Don’t gossip about work.  Not only is it a weak and petty thing to talk about, forming a relationship with someone by snickering behind other people’s back cannot turn out well.

Down Low

You should keep the budding relationship on the “down low” early on.  If, say, after two or three dates you both decide it isn’t going anywhere and decide to part ways, then no one else knows and things go back to the way they were.  It’s a bit arbitrary, but give it a month before you let the new get out.

  • Don’t keep hidden for too long.  People can tell over time and trying to keep something like this hidden can end up being a negative.
  • If your company has rules against it, one of you may eventually have to consider moving departments or companies if this relationship turns out to be serious.

The End

If the relationship does end while you are still both working at the company, you should remain professional and leave the emotional stuff at home.

As you can see there are a number of things to consider if you decide to date that cute coworker.  Don’t let your lust override your intelligence and think it through.  Decide whether it would really be worth the risk (which can be part of the fun) and the possible heartache at the end.



10 Celebrities who are probably gay

These celebrities have been dogged by rumors of being gay for a while. Does their sexual preference really matter? Well, the answer depends on who you ask. Either way, they are some of the top people in their field, and, as a result, get lots of attention – even unwanted attention – for their talent.

1. Oprah Winfrey
Over the years it seems the supposed relationship with her man has gone to the wayside and she spends more time with her BFF Gayle King.  Fans and media alike speculate that they are much more than just BFFs.  These two even vacation together like they are a couple, but the only ones who really know for sure are Oprah and Gayle.

2. Tom Cruise
There’ve been rumors of Cruise playing the other side of the fence for decades.  Although he is “happily” married to actress Katie Holmes, there will always be questions surrounding his sexuality.  For a very long time he was the example of the closeted gay actor who never announced in order to keep those big box office number coming.

3. Queen Latifah
Have you ever actually seen the Queen on a date with a man? This question and her close relationship with personal trainer/friend Jeanette Jenkins are why most people believe she’s gay. In 2010 it was reported that she and Jenkins star had purchased a home and both of these ladies names were on the deed. Enough of Queen Latifah’s fans still see her as a leading lady who often plays in romantic comedies with urban sex symbols like LL Cool J and Common. Her roles are the perfect facade for a secret life.

4. Nicki Minaj
There have been a multitude of rumors regarding Minaj’s orientation.  She’s been paired with men and women and once was even rumored to have married one of a couple of rappers.  Most of her fans don’t believe that, mostly because they believe she is gay.  The real sory is that no one really knows who she is seeing, male or female.

5. Alex Rodriguez
Although the word is that he is seeing actress Cameron Diaz, the rumor mill has never quit on the idea that A-Rod is gay.  His pretty boy looks and love of masculine women have lead many fans and tabloids to believe that he is a homo.  No matter how many boyish hot blonds he dates, there will always be those who believe it’s a ruse.

6. Keanu Reeves:
Reeves has never confirmed or denied which way he swings, but many believe his on the gay side of things, and here’s why.  In 1984, when he was just starting out, he was in a movie called Wolfboy, where his character was bitten sensually by a male prostitute.  There also some photos in the ether of he and the same actor kissing and caressing each other.  There have been a number of other rumors involving Reeves and other male actors, even one of same sex marriage.  The thing is, he sort of fuels the fire by saying in one interview, “ya never know,” when asked about his orientation.

7. James Franco

Franco has gone on record, sort of, that he isn’t gay, but it was worded in such a way that the question lingers and will probably follow him for a very long time. Here’s the quote

“Sure, I’d tell you if I was. I guess the reason I wouldn’t is because I’d be worried that it would hurt my career. I suppose that’s the reason one wouldn’t do that, right? But no, that wouldn’t be something that would deter me… some people think I’m gay because I’ve played these gay roles. That’s what people think, but it’s not true. I’m not gay…”

8. Elijah Wood
Rumors of Elijah’s sexuality have been rampant ever since “The Lord of the Rings” came out  10 years ago.  He has been linked with women, but the word on the set is that he was only around them when the cameras were on, and preferred to be with his guy “friends” whenever he could be.

9. Daniel Radcliffe
After posing for the cover of a gay magazine last year Daniel (Harry Potter) has been trying to shake the gay label.  In a recent interview he stated that he has a girlfriend and wants kids.  The rumors still run rampant, especially after the recent release of the last  Harry Potter installment, but to be honest I’m not convinced on this one.

10. Wentworth Miller
The Prison Break star has been living down rumors of his sexuality ever since he became a star and was photographed hanging out with a known gay man.  This one is pretty questionable as well, since a person CAN be friends with a gay man without being gay himself.  Miller has denied that he is gay a number of times.