Dating Review

Overview is apart of the family tree of dating sites.  With thousands of users in their portfolio, and its partners has plenty of options for a user.  However, as a gay dating review site, we will focus on users interested in finding a partner of the same sex. offers something for everyone, regardless of background, race, and sexual orientation. was started in 2006 and boasts over 14,000,000 users.  There is definitely someone for everyone on this site.  Using the latest research of world-renowned biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, has one of the most in-depth personality profiles for online dating.

Positive Features

  • Personality Test – offers a very good personality assessment test when matching up potential suitors.  It’s a free personality test that asks you questions on what you like and dislike, what kind of hobbies do you like, and a whole large amount of other material. It also includes images, sounds, and other things that will keep you interested
  • In Depth Profile – Users can really go deep in their profile and tell potential suitors what they actually are looking for.  Then they get matched up with someone with similar interests.  It takes a lot of the work out of online dating and finds people with similar interests.
  • Free Trial – Offering 14 day free trials, every user has a chance to figure out how well they like this site before moving on to another one if they so choose.

Negative Features

  • No Database – Much like Eharmony, users can search for users in a database format like on  So while you don’t have to work as hard finding someone on this dating site as Chemistry does all the matching, you won’t get to look for anyone else if you don’t like who you’ve been matched with.  On the positive side, you get matched often so you should have no shortage of interested people.

Cost & Other Facts

  • Cost per Month:From $26.65 / month
  • Founded – 2005
  • Free Membership Trial – Add picture and profile content. View up to 5 users for FREE
  • # of Users – 14,000,000
  • Different Pricing Packages – With different price points, users can become featured, shown more often, and all for different prices.  Very convenient and affordable pricing options similar to tier pricing structure

1-2-3 Meet

At, their guided communication setup is the best in the business.  After providing your personality assessment, sets you up with a few matches and lets you ask questions in get to know your potential match.  It is very easy and convenient to set up a date.


After doing all of the research, is a great site for gay singles to consider when looking for which gay dating site to join.  With affordable pricing plans, Free trials, a large gay community, and a great personality assessment, is a great for any gay single.

5/5 stars

five stars