Online Dating Technology

First it was email, then chatrooms, then private chat rooms, then IM, then VOIP, then video upload, then streaming uploads!!  Where does it stop?  Will online dating turn into something out of The Jetsons?  Just program in what you want and a machine spits him or her out in front of you?  Ahh, don’t we all wish!  There would be a run on Chris Hemsworth as The Mighty Thor, that’s for sure.  Well, we aren’t yet to the point where we can type in some criteria and out pops a Norse god, but we are to the point where software programs can help us select a better mate for ourselves than we can.  The world of online dating has changed with each and every advance in technology.  This article will walk you through the best (and worst) of what online dating technology has to offer, as well as, helpful hints for getting the most out of your online gay dating sites.

Advanced Matching System

How many times have you said to yourself: I just can’t pick’em! (?)  How many times have you been told by your mother, your best friend, your sister, brother, or grocery store checkout clerk that you are awful at selecting a mate?  Many of us have this idea of what constitutes the perfect person.  We don’t like cat people, or we don’t like people that wear Hawaiian shirts.  Maybe we’ve turned down someone for being too nice or not sexy enough based on what we think we need in our lives.  Between our tendency to judge with our eyes and our socialization that what we really want and need is Neil Patrick Harris in a button down shirt that we can bring home and show off, sometimes the perfect person for us can be overlooked.  What if the perfect person for us is someone with cats and does wear Hawaiian shirts?

Online dating sites now have advanced matching systems that have been developed in conjunction with behavioral psychologists and relationship experts in order to help (us) find that perfect person, that perfect match for us.  These tools analyze social types, interests, hobbies,and  goals to find us someone that we can truly connect with for the long haul.

So for those looking for long term love, find a gay dating site that utilizes advanced matching systems.  For everyone else there is…

Webcam and Streaming Video

If you’re looking for Mr (or Ms) Right now and could care less about the long term prospects of the hottie on the other end of the Internet there are webcams.  Being able to visualize, talk to, interact with, and swoon over someone’s physical manifestation (versus the spiritual higher plane of metaphysical love) then finding a gay dating site with webcam functionality should be a priority.  With webcams you also have the opportunity to discover (uncover) whether someone’s profile pic was created this decade, and to detect through facial nuances whether or not they are telling the truth about their single status.  The eyes know!

Webcams also bridge the distance and help to speed up a relationship by allowing for personal interaction, without the bar tab.

Instant Message and Private Messaging

The defacto standard for online dating sites is to have some private messaging component and (now) instant messaging/chat functionality.  Maybe you don’t feel like being on a webcam after a long day of cleaning up after elephants at the zoo and instant message is more appropriate.  Having this extra bit of what is now considered almost low tech is assuredly helpful.

These days there are just so many ways to connect with someone.  GLBT dating has come a long way from placing an ad in the Washington Gay Blade.  Not only has our community come out of the dark and into the light of day, socially, but we’re also able to explore options for meeting people that just were not there for our parents generation.  Online dating provides a quick, easy, and safe way to meet others of our community.  With all of the GLBT online dating sites and gay-friendly gay dating sites to choose from, we can find the perfect match any time, any day, or anywhere.  You can meet up with someone from Down Under or Across the Pond.  You can even meet someone from Cleveland!

You never know.

Love is not an easy thing to find.  It doesn’t just fall from the sky. You have to earn it, Tina! Well, at least, you have to look hard for it.  If you were shopping for a car, a house, or a doctor you would use every resource at your disposal.  The same should be true for finding a life partner (or just a casual fling—the analogy works either way).