Online Dating Statistics

Everyone wants to find someone who is the “right one” for their needs and desires, whatever those may be.  Whether you are looking for a soul mate, someone to enjoy activities with, or a just a temporary companion, online dating could offer access to those who you may not meet otherwise in your daily routine. Gay and lesbian dating sites have millions of users and they are all catering to the individual needs of people like you.  Want a casual romance, a brief encounter, or the love of your life?  There are thousands of gay and lesbians looking for you.  In fact, statistics for gay and lesbian dating are stronger for our community than our straight friends and allies.

Forty million Americans use online dating services.  Perhaps you are gay or lesbian and new to the dating scene; online dating sites can offer more freedom in your hunt. In Britain, one of their premier gay dating websites has 3.5 million members globally.  Through this site users can put in their travel destinations and find dates along the way, freeing them from the barstool eye-to-eye questioning: Is he or isn’t he?

These statistics also prove that many are willing to put down money, time, and effort in order to gamble toward a relationship or dating opportunities that might be perfect for them.  Unfortunately, many users of online dating are not always honest:

  • Men are more honest about physical appearance, but tend to lie about their marital status and income level.
  • Almost 40% of men who are frequent users of all types of online dating services are currently married.

​· Women are more likely to lie about their physical appearance on their online descriptions.

Good impressions may be tough to make during an online encounter.  Generally, you have 15 minutes to make whatever impression you intend to make with another person.  Online dating profiles with photographs get much more attention and response than those without a photo.  Being as honest as possible will help determine a more successful meeting, if a date is arranged after meeting online.

Online dating is growing stronger every year. More and more people are turning to online dating services and many gay and lesbian users are simply looking for someone to go clubbing with on the weekend.  Those dating services have many more options than mainstream services, often offering specialties, fantasy-specific desires, and the ability to describe exactly what you are looking for (hook up, dating, relationship, etc.) rather than leaving it a taboo subject.  Online dating services for gay men, especially, are much more serious about being specific and finding a good match.

Many of the gay and lesbian sites offer further access than just a profile or picture.  They encourage online chat rooms, picture galleries, and other means for your experience to be much more personal.

Unfortunately, the statistics for online dating are not all pixie dust and peonies.  You should become an educated user of online sources and be wary of the dangers and frauds that could be lurking.

These statistics alone should warn you of the potential for scammers and/or harmful people within your potential dating circle. Educate yourself, follow good safety tips, and know what to look for to aid in prevention of fraud against you.

If you are seeking that permanent relationship, online dating has a higher rate of marriage by its users than face-to-face meeting and dating counterparts.  Regardless of your social goals, gay and lesbian online dating sties can expand your social group without some of the questions and possible miscommunications that happen in a general social situation.  With these sites, everyone can know exactly what they are looking for and what is expected of each other before they even meet face to face.