10 Celebrities who are probably gay

These celebrities have been dogged by rumors of being gay for a while. Does their sexual preference really matter? Well, the answer depends on who you ask. Either way, they are some of the top people in their field, and, as a result, get lots of attention – even unwanted attention – for their talent.

1. Oprah Winfrey
Over the years it seems the supposed relationship with her man has gone to the wayside and she spends more time with her BFF Gayle King.  Fans and media alike speculate that they are much more than just BFFs.  These two even vacation together like they are a couple, but the only ones who really know for sure are Oprah and Gayle.

2. Tom Cruise
There’ve been rumors of Cruise playing the other side of the fence for decades.  Although he is “happily” married to actress Katie Holmes, there will always be questions surrounding his sexuality.  For a very long time he was the example of the closeted gay actor who never announced in order to keep those big box office number coming.

3. Queen Latifah
Have you ever actually seen the Queen on a date with a man? This question and her close relationship with personal trainer/friend Jeanette Jenkins are why most people believe she’s gay. In 2010 it was reported that she and Jenkins star had purchased a home and both of these ladies names were on the deed. Enough of Queen Latifah’s fans still see her as a leading lady who often plays in romantic comedies with urban sex symbols like LL Cool J and Common. Her roles are the perfect facade for a secret life.

4. Nicki Minaj
There have been a multitude of rumors regarding Minaj’s orientation.  She’s been paired with men and women and once was even rumored to have married one of a couple of rappers.  Most of her fans don’t believe that, mostly because they believe she is gay.  The real sory is that no one really knows who she is seeing, male or female.

5. Alex Rodriguez
Although the word is that he is seeing actress Cameron Diaz, the rumor mill has never quit on the idea that A-Rod is gay.  His pretty boy looks and love of masculine women have lead many fans and tabloids to believe that he is a homo.  No matter how many boyish hot blonds he dates, there will always be those who believe it’s a ruse.

6. Keanu Reeves:
Reeves has never confirmed or denied which way he swings, but many believe his on the gay side of things, and here’s why.  In 1984, when he was just starting out, he was in a movie called Wolfboy, where his character was bitten sensually by a male prostitute.  There also some photos in the ether of he and the same actor kissing and caressing each other.  There have been a number of other rumors involving Reeves and other male actors, even one of same sex marriage.  The thing is, he sort of fuels the fire by saying in one interview, “ya never know,” when asked about his orientation.

7. James Franco

Franco has gone on record, sort of, that he isn’t gay, but it was worded in such a way that the question lingers and will probably follow him for a very long time. Here’s the quote

“Sure, I’d tell you if I was. I guess the reason I wouldn’t is because I’d be worried that it would hurt my career. I suppose that’s the reason one wouldn’t do that, right? But no, that wouldn’t be something that would deter me… some people think I’m gay because I’ve played these gay roles. That’s what people think, but it’s not true. I’m not gay…”

8. Elijah Wood
Rumors of Elijah’s sexuality have been rampant ever since “The Lord of the Rings” came out  10 years ago.  He has been linked with women, but the word on the set is that he was only around them when the cameras were on, and preferred to be with his guy “friends” whenever he could be.

9. Daniel Radcliffe
After posing for the cover of a gay magazine last year Daniel (Harry Potter) has been trying to shake the gay label.  In a recent interview he stated that he has a girlfriend and wants kids.  The rumors still run rampant, especially after the recent release of the last  Harry Potter installment, but to be honest I’m not convinced on this one.

10. Wentworth Miller
The Prison Break star has been living down rumors of his sexuality ever since he became a star and was photographed hanging out with a known gay man.  This one is pretty questionable as well, since a person CAN be friends with a gay man without being gay himself.  Miller has denied that he is gay a number of times.