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Top 20 Gay Twitter Influential Personalities

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
1. @ladygaga – The biggest pop star in the world has empowered millions through her music and outrageous stage acts.  She may or may not be gay herself, but she has more followers than almost anyone else on Twitter and the gay world loves her stance.

2.  @TheEllenShow – Ellen DeGeneres is one of the biggest gay names in a America, although her show is pretty mainstream and the sexuality of the host is not mentioned much, it is important to recognize how many followers she does indeed have.  Ellen purports to do all her tweeting and is original.

3. @PerezHilton – Perez Hilton is one of the biggest names in Hollywood celebrity rumor with some fact mixed in.  If you ever actually read articles off of his website, they are very funny and tongue in cheek.  Looking back at the last 100 tweets or so, it seems there are few or no news tweets, just mentions and the like.

4. @ricky_martin – After Ricky came out his twitter nation grew to huge numbers.  If you’re ready for a little bilingual, music loving fun this is your guy.

5. @stephenfry – This British actor and jack of all trades uses his influence on twitter to promote a multitude of charities as well as promoting not well known music acts.

6.@eddieizzard – A hilarious comedian and has a pinache for attracting attention in a humorous way. He has said many times he is not gay but does like to dress up both as a man and a woman. Thats his personal choice and we stay out of it…just keep the laughs coming.

7. @maddow – This American liberal political commentator, who has her own show on MSNBC might have the most political influence of anyone on this list.

8. @ActuallyNPH – The we all loved as Doogie is all grown up and more than successful on the stage, on TV and the big screen.  NPH confirmed his sexuality in 2006.

9. @samantharonson – Ronson is a musician who is mostly known for her relationship with the Lohan.

10. @SuzeOrmanShow – This personal finance guru told the NYT she was gay in 2007 and in 2010 Forbes named her to their most 100 influential women.

11. @adamlambert – Adam will always be connected to American Idol, but he’s moved on to bigger and better things and continues a successful recording career.

12. @chriscolfer – Chris’ larger than life character on Glee has empowered millions of LGBT and hetero kids across the U.S. Chris has been involved in theater since he was 14.

13. @BravoAndy – Andy Cohen is a TV personality on Bravo and is listed as a producer on a number of shows.

14. @RealMattLucas – Matt is an English comedian who broke out with his show Little Britain, which actually started as a radio show and moved onto the small screen.

15. @MarcJacobsIntl – The name Marc Jacobs means a lot in fashion circles.  He worked his way up to the top and now owns and runs multiple clothing lines.

16. @GeorgeMichael – This 80’s and 90’s pop icon still has much influence across the world in the community.

17. @NOH8Campaign – In protest to the passage of Cali’s prop 8, celebs and noncelebs alike protest with photos, blogs and events.

18. @Rosie – Rosie O’Donnell, need i say more?

19. @GeorgeTakei – Most widely known as Mr. Sulu from the original Star Trek series, Takei has been openly gay, at least to us trekkies, since the 70’s.

20. @janemarielynch – Jane’s Glee character is sad and hilarious all in one, but she has had great characters on American TV and film for quite some time.