Online Dating Profile Tips

Whether you are new to online dating, or have been on dating sites for a while, there are right and wrong ways to share the correct information about yourself on your profile.  No matter if it’s a gay dating site, lesbian dating site, or a casual encounter dating site, you need to display yourself as who you really are.  That way the people you talk to won’t be disappointed that you lied to them about your looks, age, sex, or orientation.  With this online dating profile tip guide, you will not only have a better online dating profile and online dating experience, you could possibly meet the love of your life.

Dating Profile Headlines

Dating Profile headlines are a key feature to any dating profile.  It’s usually the first thing people read so you want it to be fun enough that they will continue looking at your profile. This is the first thing that a person reads when coming to your dating profile. As the site displays is prominently at the top of the page, it needs to be relevant, non-sleezy, and to the point.

  • Make it Stand Out: Remember, there are thousands of other members looking so you want to be original. Usually if the headline is between 5-10 words, you will have really good success on a dating site.
  • Don’t be creepy: Saying “I want to fill you up” will put you on ignore lists quicker than you can say “CREEP” so don’t fall into that trap.  Funny and heart warming is the way to go.
  • Sometimes be funny: Depending on your personality, it never hurts to be witty and funny in your dating headline.  The Office fans will love using “That’s what She Said” as it starts a great conversation if people know the reference!
  • Conversation Starter: You want people to read your sentence and still be interested in reading more.  Keep it up to date, and related to the 21st century!
  • Don’t make it dramatic: You want to keep your dating headline light and funny, not dark and dramatic.  Keep that stuff to yourself and out of your profile all together(more on that later) and not discuss that until you’re comfortable with the other person.

You WILL attract multiple people on an online dating site.  Depending on what you’re looking for, click here for a large database of online dating headline examples seperated by category.

Dating Profile Pictures

When adding pictures to your profile, you want to be honest about how you look and display your current body type/figure and face.  There are some do’s and dont’s that should be obvious, but people make these mistakes and you see their profiles on their not getting responses for months.

  • Show off your smile: Be proud of your smile and other people will be as well.  You want to make your profile warming to users so seeing a smile always help get more clicks.
  • No sunglasses: Your main profile image should be a close up of your face that you like with NO sunglasses. I want to see what the person looks like, not just half of their face.  If I can’t tell what a person looks like first off, I wonder what else they are hiding and move on. Add one or two if you want in your portfolio, but not the main one.
  • Keep Your Clothes on: Most people are put off by guys who take shirtless pictures in the mirror (unless you’re a guido) so men, if you’re not in a group at the pool, only attach picturs of you with shirts on. 90% of men are to out of shape to do this anyways so unless you’re looking for sex immediately, keep it covered.
  • Updated Picture: It’s always a good idea to have 5-10 updated pictures on your site.  People don’t want to know what you looked like 10 years ago, especially if you gained 100 pounds.  Be honest, and you will be excited with your response.

Just following these simple profile pictures will have your picture clicked on much more often and people will be going through and seeing the real you!

Dating Profile Interests

This is where profiles in online dating can really go off on the deep end when it comes adding things that you should never add.  If you have 10 cats, that’s great, but you don’t want to be known as the crazy cat person who loves cats.  If you enjoy running at a local park, put that down as it’s a great place to start up a conversation and a possible date location!

  • Be Age Accurate: Put your actual age on there and the age of the age group your looking for on the dating site.  If you’re looking for a certain age group and then you contact someone 10 years either way, they will wonder why.
  • Hobbies:  When adding hobbies, be honest in what kind of hobbies you participate in.  If you say you’re an avid hiker and have never gone, that will be a big problem.  Some hobbies people always like are:
  1. Running: Says you enjoy staying in shape and care about your body.
  2. Movies:  Everyone loves a good movie and it’s a good place to start a conversation.
  3. Food: Discuss some of your favorite dining hot spots and have them pick a spot to meet at!
  4. Nightlife: There are a number of different styles of bars and music in each major city and figuring out what you like ahead of time makes setting up dates easier.

Doing all of these online dating profile tips will make your profile cant more notice and make your online dating experience a successful one.  Make sure that you be honest, be yourself, and you will find yourself happy with your online dating encounters and potential love interests.