Bad Breakups: How Online Dating Can Put the Bustle Back in your Hustle

If we’re lucky there will only be one Unfortunate Relationship, one Killer of Souls, and one Destroyer of Psyche in our lives.  You know the one, that relationship that has you listening to The Killers or Josh Radin as you cry into your sunglasses on the morning drive.  It’s that same relationship that makes you rethink all you ever thought about stalkers as you send 500 text messages and share YouTube videos in hopes that your former lover rethink ever letting you go.  Instead of drowning your sorrows in Ben and Jerry’s and a pint of Absolut why not take a more positive approach and try your hand at online dating?  The best way to get over someone is to get someone new! 

Weren’t You the One that Tried to Hurt me with Goodbye’s…

Everyone has heard that old expression: Living well is the best revenge.  Well, so is loving well.  Finding someone new not only will give you a new lease on your romantic life, it will also make you appear more attractive to your ex.  Everyone wants what they cannot have and takes for granted what they do have.  This is a sad fact of human nature.  You will never be more appealing to your ex than you will be the moment you are seen in public with someone new looking good and happy!  Show him (or her) that he didn’t break you down, that you didn’t crumble, that you won’t lie down and die!   Find someone who does appreciate you for all the great qualities you do have, and you will have killed two birds with one stone.

It’s all Chemistry

The majority of “feel good” chemicals are released in the first four years of dating, the bulk of which hits hardest those first few weeks and months.  Not only will online dating help you get over your ex, but it will actually improve your mood and outlook.  To quote or paraphrase some Jane Austen movie or another, which while it seems awfully romantic to believe that someone’s life can be completed by one other person it just isn’t the truth.  You can be happy with anyone if you choose to be.  Your ex isn’t the last human on earth capable of making you happy.  The next person to come into your life will be capable of making you happy, too.

I Will Survive…

Now, go grab a glass of wine, throw on some funkadelic music and hit those online dating sites.  Once you get your mojo back you will not only feel better about yourself but others will feel better about you.