Daily Gay World News Link Roundup: 6/28/11

A quick rundown of the day’s hottest topics in the gay and lesbian community.

Dutch schools are now required to teach gay education – Interesting take on the fact that young students will now be getting more equality on same-sex issues in the classroom.

Australians to put same-sex marriage to a vote … of sorts – A big party broke out in Australia after New York’s historic decision gay marriage.  It has renewed calls for the same benefits in the country.

Nine Teens Arrested in Beating of Gay Man in Massachusetts – Nine teens from the ages of 12-19 have been arrested for the beating and robbery of a gay man this morning.

Advocates see New York as a turning point in marriage equality effort – New York will become the largest state in the Union to offer same-sex marriage, and in doing so, will change the landscape for marriage equality in America.

Natural Love – A video response to how animals in nature have sex and how it corresponds to the gay fight.  NSFW Video (Language)

Poll says Muslims are ‘proud’ of Britain’s gay rights – People in the U.K, after a recent study, show that almost half of the Muslim community are ok with the country’s stance on gay rights.


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