Best Time of Year to Join a Dating Site

Timing is everything, the old adage goes.  Everyone wants to know the best time to: buy a car, get married, start a weight loss program, or even start dating again.  This article is here to help you make the best choice for you as to when you should join a dating site.


With the arrival of the New Year more men and women begin their search for a soul-mate.  This is probably because they’ve just come off the post-Christmas blues of being single and are energized by the “fresh start” New Years Eve tempts you with.  It’s that time of year when people begin a diet, look for a new job, etc. For this reason, January is the busiest time of the year for online dating memberships and also the month of renewal and establishing helpful habits.   Men and women join online dating services in winter in considerable numbers. Dating experts believe that January through March is the prime season for those looking to find a meaningful relationship.  Bad weather keeps you inside and on the computer.  There is also the dating rush provided by Valentine’s Day’s looking deadline.  Everyone wants to have some kind of dating prospects come Valentine’s Day, so those weeks heading up to that most dreaded (or anticipated) of romantic holiday’s is where the most activity occurs on dating sites.

Spring and Summer

Spring and all its promise of renewal is another excellent time to renew or start-anew your dating efforts.  Also, the winter damp and cold is behind you so the time for online dating to get serious and get offline is around the corner.  Spring and summer allow for great first face to face meetings with a new interest because of the vast number of outside activities that can be engaged in.  For example, biking, hiking, walking through the park, a picnic lunch, boating, beaches, and sporting events,  just to name a few.  These are all places that could be safe places to meet and activities to engage in.  Joining an online dating service during this time of year can certainly be beneficial.


There is something about fall that cannot help but touch the heart of the romantic.  Ahhh, fall with its beautiful colors and crisp weather that’s perfect for walking, the clothing (best time of year for clothes), and meeting someone new–who doesn’t love fall?  Fall is another great time to take things offline and take advantage of the many activities that occur with a new person.  Fall harvest festivals, wine festivals, tours scenic locations, just to name a few.  Many have found that being able to participate in a common interest can assist in growing and building a relationship.  What’s a better first date than heading to the pumpkin patch?

All 12 Months

Any time is a good time to join an online dating service.  Many, if not all, offer introductory periods and trial offers to entice customers to join and experience what they have to offer.  Researching each service will serve you well.  Getting feedback from current and former customers is a great way to see if a particular service fits for your lifestyle.